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Re-Opening the Economy

COVID-19 has placed an enormous economic burden on employers as businesses across the world are affected partially or entirely. Communities everywhere are forced to self- isolate and while some people have the luxury to work from home, others cannot enjoy this same privilege.

Workplaces in industrial, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, entertainment & academics have all been majorly affected.

A vaccine could take over a year and governments and businesses cannot afford to wait for a vaccine before upstarting productivity. Creative problem solving will have to occur in order to allow people to go back to work and restore the economy.

Employers must show that they are doing everything they can to guarantee the health and safety of their employees & clients in order to survive. Businesses are making plans to restore productivity but must proceed cautiously to avoid a potential spread within their workplace.

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Who Is Responsible?

What measures can these businesses take to mitigate against a spread of the virus within the workplace?
How can we do this is in a way that maintains productivity and for future growth?

What supports do people have available to them that helps identify whether they are fit to go into work?
What supports do employers have to mitigate against absenteeism or the loss of entire teams?

It is the responsibility of all Canadians to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and maintain safe workplaces, however there are additional responsibilities that businesses will face in order to stay open and stay productive.

Introducing SafeStart

SafeStart help businesses mitigate against these risks by screening employees, customers and visitors prior to entry to ensure that virus symptoms are properly identified. It does this through pre-entry/self-reported surveys administered through the SafeStart app and thermal imaging to identify flu-like body temperatures.

As business adapts to new COVID-19 related protocols, employers have the opportunity to supplement and reinforce their risk mitigation strategies through the use of novel technology applications and support. Through the combination of a self-reported survey and the objective body temperature measurement, a "Pre-Entry Health Profile" is generated and stored in a secure PHIPA compliant environment. Businesses can securely track safe entries and exits to and from their facility while monitoring the personal health privacy of their employees, customers and guests.

How It Works

Each employee, customer and visitor completes a Pre-Entry Health survey prior to entering the facility and depending on their individual environment, have their body temperature taken. This generates a Pre-Entry Health Profile for each individual. If the individual passes, the app will show a green light and the individual can safely enter the facility or visit the business. If a visitor is deemed to be a high-risk then they must not be fit for conducting their work or visiting the premises that day. Each business will have their own protocol settings as the business adapts to new and developing workplace regulations and protocols.

SafeStart will work with the individual employees to tailor the technology to reinforce and support their human resource teams as they develop new COVID-19 related protocols. The Pre-Entry Health Profile data is securely stored and anonymized on the admin portal and the user is able to review their own past entries.

  • Tracks entries and exits
  • Generates Pre-Entry Health Profile for each entrant
  • Integrates with current systems or operates as a stand-alone app
  • Collects any employee reported concerns

Paint a more complete picture with rapid body temperature measurement combined with the pre-entry survey to create a Pre-Entry Health Profile


Each workplace has its own unique requirements and ongoing problem solving is required as we all navigate these novel environments together. SafeStart is committed to swiftly tailoring the needs of the platform to meet organizations’ unique protocols and operation.


  • Reduce absenteeism and loss of entire team.
  • Reduce risks of losing and closing or halting production.
  • Increase customer trust and increase safety.
  • Maintain and control in delivering new COVID-19 protocol



Why SafeStart?

To assist employers with the safe re-opening of the economy and support business continuity.

Effective Screening

Screen employees before they enter your workplace or site

Full Reporting

Allow employees to report any concerns about safe work practices & tools to manage these concerns

Full Compliance

Complies with all US/Canadian regulations around health care data


Will integrate with contact tracing initiatives


Backed with medical expertise


Customizable to the needs to each workforce

Next Steps

Employers can book a time to see an on-line guided tour of the SafeStart app and also have the ability to visit an in-person live tour environment that will be available for visitors to experience.

Employers will have the chance to see first hand how the technology works, and ask questions specific to how it could work in their respective workplaces.

Employers will have the opportunity to schedule viewing appointments starting on May 25, 2020

Creative Problem Solving

Due to the novelty of the situation, ongoing creative solutions are required, and employers have the chance now to put partners in place who can work alongside as everyone navigates these uncharted workplace environments together.

Though we are the first generation in history to experience a situation like this, and while no one can guarantee complete avoidance of the virus, the SafeStart technology reduces the risk of businesses having to close or hault production due to Covid-19 related health issues.

In addition to maintaining business continuity, employers have the opportunity to build capacity and infrastructure, ensuring they are prepared for potential critical public health issues in the future, while setting a foundation for growth.

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